Hi, friends! 2

Hi, friends! 2 (6th grade)

Lesson 1 Writing practice to reinforce vocabulary  (Writing is used to reinforce learned vocabulary and conversational phrases.)

Lesson 2 Vocabulary cue cards for the 12 months

Lesson 2 Resources for practicing the months (Writing practice, interview sheets, Bingo game)

Lesson 3 Vocabulary Cue cards for page 12 and interview sheet (Updated in 2016!)

Lesson 3 Writing practice and Self-introduction sheets

Lesson 4 Vocabulary cue cards and writing practice

Lesson 5 Flag Cue Cards

Lesson 6 Activity Vocabulary Cue Cards and interview sheets

Lesson 6 ‘Time’ interview sheets and writing practice

Lesson 8 Occupation Cue Cards and Interview sheets

Lesson 9 Preparation for entering Jr. High