Writing Practice
Use these sheets to practice writing the months.

hf22monthwritingpages  hf22monthwritingpdf


Have students interview each other using this questionnaire.

hf22birthdayquestionnairepages  hf22birthdayquestionnairepdf

Alternative Interview Sheet
This sheet lists all the months and students circle the month they hear. (No need to write the month, easier to use in the classroom for beginning students.)

Bingo Game

Use this resource to play a classic game of bingo. Vocabulary includes months, weekdays and holidays. The set even has 26 unique cards!

hf22monthbingopages  hf22monthbingopdf


Activity Station
We set up ‘stations’ around the classroom so that students can practice on their own. These wall cards can be used for three unique activities to help students learn the months. Attach the above sheet to the bottom of the cards.

monster 2 monster 1 monster 3
Get all 3 wall cards in this PDF file.