Ocupations Website thumbnailWe developed these resources because we want easy-to-create cue cards. The Hi Friends book has fine graphics, but these resources are easy to make.


Cue Cards

  1. Occupation cue cards Pages file. (Print A4 size for big cards. Reduce to L size for making sets. These cards contain a small triangle on the bottom left corner. When printing cue card sets, we change the color of the triangle for each set. This makes collecting the sets easy.)
  2. Occupation cue cards Word file.
  3.  Occupation cue cardsPDF file.



Occ worksheet Website thumbnail masterInterview Sheet

  1. Pages file.
  2. Word file.
  3. PDF file.


Class lesson plan

A: What do you want to be?
B: I want to be a/an _____?

A. Introduce new vocabulary.

  1. Put a set of big sue cards on the board.
  2. Say all occupations, students only listen.
  3. Divide students into small groups of 4-6.
  4. Pass out a set of cue cards to each group and spread out the cards.
  5. Say occupations and have students point to the card. (Students only listen and point.)
  6. Check comprehension. Point to an occupation on the board and say an occupation. Students answer ‘yes/no’. ‘Yes’ if the card you are pointing to matches the occupation you say. ‘No’ if the card does not match.
  7.  Have students listen, point and say the occupations in groups.
  8. Play karuta.

B. Introduce usage (I want to be a/an ____.)

  1. Write “I want to be a/an _____.” on the board.
  2. Model an example. (I want to be a chef.)
  3. Model and repeat.
  4. Substitution Drill. Teacher says “chef” and students say “I want to be a chef.” Continue with all occupations.
  5. Pair Drill. Students hold a cue card and say what they want to be. Talk to ten people. Exchange cards each time.
  6. Memory Game. Students sit in small groups. Place cards in the middle, face down. First student takes a card and says what is on their card, “I want to be a teacher“. Second student takes a card, repeats what the first student said, and says, “I want to be a teacher. I want to be a chef.” Third students takes a card, repeats the first two and says their card, “I want to be a teacher. I want to be a chef. I want to be an astronaut.” Continue around the circle as many times as possible. Encourage students to help each other if they forget an occupation.

C. Introduce conversation. (What do you want to be. I want to be a/an _____.)

  1. Write “What do you want to be?” on the board.
  2. Model example.
  3. Model and repeat.
  4. Pair drill. Have students hold a cue card and ask one another. Talk with 10 students.
  5. Interview sheet. Pass out sheets. Have students interview each other and write the answers on the sheet.