Yes, we are placing materials for Lesson 7 right after Lesson 1. Why? Because students needs to be able to ask “What’s this?” from the very beginning. (Actually, they should learn this in first grade!) Also, we are using vocabulary that students can use at home with their families every day.

Utensil Vocabulary
We are using every day utensils for vocabulary. This way students can use these words at home with their families.
(At the end of the Pages file there is a page with additional background images. If you are making multiple sets of cards, say for karuta and games, having different background colors is an easy way to quickly divide the cards. Simply swap the background images and reprint. We reduce this A4 file to Photo L size for great cue cards.)
hf17UtensilCueCardspages  hf17UtensilCueCardspdf

Writing Practice
Pratice writing the vocabulary and then connect he words and pictures.
hf17WritingPracticepages  hf17WritingPracticepdf

We are also teaching the phrase, “Please pass me a fork.” Students can use this phrase anytime with family and friends.