We love this lesson! Have fun! We’ve turned the book into a menu so that students can pretend to be at a restaurant.

monster menu
Menu PDF file

menu order
Order forms


Sample Conversation

A: Hello. Welcome to Monster Cafe!
B: Thank you.
A: How are you?
B: I’m fine, thank you.
A: What would you like?
B: I’d like salad, pizza, bread, milk and cake.
A: Okay. Salad, pizza, bread, milk and cake.
B: Yes, that’s right.
A: Okay. Thank you!

Break students into groups and give one menu to each group. Print lots of order forms and have students take orders. Have fun!

Food Cue Cards

Here are easy to print cue cards for all the food items. These are better than having students cut out all the cards. Don’t waste time, speak English!
L size PDF file. (8.4MB)