4th Grade: My Dream

“My Dream: All about me!”

Cover Thumbnail LandscapeWe are glad to introduce an updated resource for 4th grade elementary school students. “My Dream: All about me!” is a 10 lesson workbook to help prepare students to give a speech about themselves in English.

The curriculum focuses on communication and utilizes an ‘information gap’ approach. Students are required to interact with each other and acquire information from each other.

This text seeks to fulfill the goals established for 4th grade students.


  1. 聞く•話すことを中心に英語に慣れ親しみ、日常的な英語を使って積極的にコミュニケーションを図ろうとする態度を育成する。
  2. 異なる言語や文化に対する興味•関心を高め、理解の基礎を培う。
  3. 聞く•話すかつどうに関連して、文字にもふれる。

Text purpose

To prepare students to make a short speech in English to introduce themselves..

Language Goals

  1. Say one’s name, age, likes and dream.
  2. Ask someone their name, age, likes and dream.
  3. Greet someone for the first time.
  4. Introduce a friend.
  5. Numbers 1-100.
  6. Fruit, sports, animals and food vocabulary.
  7. Occupations vocabulary.
  8. Understand usage of ‘he’ and ‘she’.
  9. Conjugate third person singular verb.
  10. Practice writing short sentences.

All instructions in the textbook are considered passive language, and students are not required to be able to read them. We include the instructions to expose students to written English.

See what’s inside!

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Teacher’s Guide coming soon!

Printable Lessons
All files are B5, but print great at A4.
My Dream Cover
My Dream Lesson 1
My Dream Lesson 2
My Dream Lesson 3
My Dream Lesson 4
My Dream Lesson 5
My Dream Lesson 6
My Dream Lesson 7
My Dream Lesson 8
My Dream Lesson 9
My Dream Lesson 10


Cue Cards

Likes (print L size, 20 pictures, 7mb, PDF)

Occupations (print L size, 20 pictures, 1mb, PDF)


About me! 1/2成人式のプロジェクト

An earlier version of this workbook was titled, “About me! 1/2成人式のプロジェクト”.  This resource can be downloaded below.

about me
Preview workbook in low resolution PDF. (2mb)
Printable PDF workbook (26mb-B5 size)

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