'All In' is a new English Immersion Course at Flip!

100% English! One Saturday a month! English+STEAM=Fun Learning!
Now accepting inquiries!

‘All In’ means giving 100% and doing one’s best!

Flip Education Center’s ‘All In’ Saturday course is an English immersion program for:

  • elementary school students
  • families looking for English-intensive programs
  • returnee families
  • international families
  • homeschooling families

‘All In’ combines academic programs with natural English communication to help students achieve academic success and increase English fluency.

flipEnglish has a simple belief that some of the best learning is organic, spontaneous and fun. We are committed to helping students develop better communication skills through a combination of education, passion and fun.

‘All In’ will include lessons, projects, games, crafts and cooking that will encourage teamwork, problem solving, and critical thinking.


Why Saturday School?

English only!
Small class size!
Four class periods!
Fun and interesting!

May 2021 Update: ‘All In’ is now accepting inquiries. The class will launch once minimum class size is reached.

‘All In’ requires an entrance interview. Only students with a demonstrated English ability will be admitted.

Program Content

We believe engaging classes and topics lead to a love for learning. ‘All In’ is an English-only, cross-curriculum English+STEAM program. Based on the needs and interests of students, course topics may include:

  • science
  • history
  • geography
  • math (word-based)
  • composition
  • reading
  • spelling/grammar
  • basic computer coding (Scratch)
  • arts and crafts
  • computer skills (presentation software, video editing software)


Saturday 9:30-14:15

9:30 Greeting and prepare for the day (10 minutes) (Short home room)
9:40 Period 1 (45 minutes)
10:25 Break 1 (10 minutes)
10:35 Period 2 (45 minutes)
11:20 Break 2 (10 minutes)
11:30 Period 3 (45 minutes)
12:15 Lunch (Bring obento and eat with teacher and classmates)
12:45 Free learning (30 minutes) (Students will choose their own self-learning project)
13:15 Period 4 (45 minutes)
14:00 Clean-up and final announcements (15 minutes) (Short home room)
14:15 Let’s go home!
*The schedule may vary depending on class projects.


Homework (During the month)

Each month, students will be given 2-3 homework assignments to be completed and submitted before coming to class. Homework may be: a writing project, a verbal book report submitted online, or gathering resources necessary to complete a project. Students will stay connected to their teacher and classmates throughout the month via teacher led communication on Flipgrid.


¥7,000 Monthly Tuition
(Includes course fee, craft materials, snacks. Does not include textbooks.)

¥10,000 Technology Fee (The technology fee will be refunded if a student drops before the start of the third month. This is a one-time fee for each student joining Saturday School.)

(All fees include tax.)


Peter has been teaching English in Japan since 1988. He has taught at private English schools and universities. He leads the elementary, Jr. High and Sr. High classes at flipENGLISH. In addition to teaching, he trains and equips English teachers working in Japan, and teaches language acquisition to families preparing for overseas work.
Author: Monster English Series for elementary school students (Monster English: Egg, 1, 2, 3)
Author: Good Times Series for junior high and senior high students (Good Times 1,2,3)
His hobbies are walking, computers, listening to music and spending time with his family.
Peter has a B.A. from Vanguard University.

‘All In’ may also feature guest teachers.


  1. Students will be assessed for English language ability before being admitted to the program. Only students with a demonstrated ability will be admitted.
  2. Students are not permitted to speak Japanese with each other during class, breaks or lunch. Japanese may only be used when allowed by the teacher.
  3. This is a cross-curriculum English+STEAM program. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math). 
  4. Homework will be assigned, and all students agree to complete homework by the assigned due date.
  5. Program requires a minimum of 4 students to be held. The maximum number allowed is 10 students.
  6. ‘All in” meets the first Saturday of each month. If the first Saturday of the month is a national holiday, classes will be held on the second Saturday. In January, class will be held on the second Saturday. (Flip is open to holding ‘All In’ on a different week of the month, if all students request this.)
  7. Students may miss one Saturday a year, free of charge. Flip will not offer make-up sessions for missed classes, but will provide extra assistance to ensure homework can be completed.
  8. Students will need access to a tablet or smartphone at their home in order to complete and submit homework assignments. Students are encouraged to bring their own tablet to class, or they may use one of Flip’s tablets, if available.
  9. If a student brings their own tablet, they may access Flip’s Wifi network while in class, but not at any other time during the month. 

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