2018 Summer Day Camp

July 23-27, 2018 (Mon-Fri 5 days!)


4-6年生 (小学生高学年)
定員12人   お早めに申し込んでください!(締め切り7/7)
場所:  Flip English

2018 Summer Day Camp

This is an English immersion camp for 4-6th grade elementary school students. Our staff will ONLY speak English to create a ”留学” experience*. Students will be encouraged to speak as much English as possible. All levels are welcome.

Camp theme: Newsroom!
At this ‘hands on’ camp, students will learn how to make short news videos. Including…
  • Preparing and writing a brief news story.
  • Speaking in front of a camera.
  • Three point lighting and greens screens.
  • How to use a microphone.
  • Filming another person.
  • Video editing on an iPhone with iMovie.
  • Video editing on a Mac with iMovie. (Green screen)
  • Produce a short ‘news’ video.
  • How to share a video with others.
Daily Schedule
9:30-10:20 Period 1
10:30-11:20 Period 2
11:20-12:00 Lunch (Bring your own bento)
12:00-12:50 Period 3
13:00-13:50 Period 4
14:00 See you tomorrow!
Cost: ¥20,000/一人
定員: 12人 (このキャンプの最少催行人員は6人です。これに満たない場合、キャンプを中止することがあります。その場合、キャンプ開始日の前日から起算して13日目に当たる日より前にキャンプを中止する旨をご連絡いたします。)
This camp is open to all.
*In the case of emergencies, staff will use Japanese.

More Information

This camp is based on three basic principles…

MASTER ENGLISH SKILLS! Our desire is for every student to learn the English skills they need to communicate well. In the context of communication, we teach the necessary grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, intonation and writing skills.

DEVELOP SELF-CONFIDENCE! We want our students to have confidence in themselves and their English abilities. We desire for students to know their personal value, and for all to speak English with confidence.

HAVE FUN! We want students to develop a healthy attitude towards English. English is not just about ‘study’, its about communicating. We have fun at camp, which we believe leads to success.






What to bring:

■キャンプ参加費に含まれるもの:料金¥20,000/一人 。この中には英語レッスン、お菓子と保険代が含まれています。


お子様(20 歳未満)のご参加については、保護者自筆の参加申込書が必要です。
ファックスにてご予約の場合、6日以内に申込書とキャンプ参加費をお支払いください。期間内に申込金のお支払いがなされなかっ た場合、当法人はご予約はなかったものとして取扱います。

10 日以前は無料,
10 日~5日前まで参加費の20%



2018 Summer Day Camp Application

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