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小学生の End of School Party!
Mario Kart Tournament

Date :   March 24, 2018  (土)
Time :  17:00-20:00
Place :  Flip 英語教室
Bring :  お弁当
Who: Flip English School Students

This is a free event. Sign-up below. Flip students may invite their friends. Flip English School will provide drinks and snacks.
定員30人 お早めに申し込んでください!


Mt Rokko Hike for Jr/Sr High Students

Date :   March 17, 2018  (土)
Time :  8:00-18:00
Place :  Mt. Rokko
Price : Free, but everyone must pay their own transportation and food costs.
Bring :  お弁当, 水筒、Comfortable shoes, Comfortable clothes
Who: Open to all

Sign-up below.
定員30人 お早めに申し込んでください!

In the case of rain, this event will be cancelled.

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