Hi, friends! 1

Classroom Materials

Hi, friends! 1 (5th grade)

Lesson 1 Video to teach basic greetings

Lesson 2 Writing practice for “How are you?”

Lesson 2 Vocabulary cue cards and interview sheet for “How are you?”

Lesson 3 Video to introduce additional (animals) vocabulary

Lesson 3 Vocabulary cue cards and interview sheet (Sheet updated in 2016!)

Lesson 4 Reading and Writing Practice

Lesson 4 “Do you like ___?” Interview sheet

Lesson 4 Video to introduce vocabulary

Lesson 4 Vocabulary cue cards and slideshow

Lesson 5 Resources

Lesson 7 Vocabulary cue cards and writing sheets (We use utensil vocabulary so that students can use this with their families.)

Lesson 8 Vocabulary Cue Cards and Interview Sheets

Lesson 9 Menus, Order Forms and Vocabulary Cards